our philosophy

The foundation of Domaine des Enfants is the realisation of a dream – to be one with yourself, others and nature. Therefore our wines are the result of working within and together with nature. 
The love and energy being invested in the care of our powerful and exceptional vines, gives us peace and satisfaction. To witness how these frugal plants thrive and gain strength due to our care, fills us with pride, and is an enormous gratification. With our work we want to use our creativity in order to create something extraordinary, which not only gives us and other people pleasure, but also brings everybody closer together. We hope that our wines will be able to present people with new ideas, imagination, and maybe even touch them on a deeper level. 

Our wines are the expression of our inner thriving for perfection and amelioration, with our aptitude for manual labour and for using our creativity. They are the fruits of our passion. We want to give people the opportunity to enjoy life, to indulge and to share this pleasure with others. Our wines would like to inspire conversations, not about them, but about life itself. The wine is our means to engage with other people, to share thoughts, awake emotions, and sometimes, take part in it.


Domaine des Enfants stands for manual wines with a high quality standard, setting itself pleasantly and convincingly apart from the profit-yielding mass-industry, which produces standardized and accommodating consumer wine.