An hommage and personal history. 

Vivienne Catherine is a self reflection.  A reflection of my past, transformation, and the future of whom I strive to be.  By no means am I trying to create a metaphor for myself in combining the names of these two iconic women. My goal is to learn from them.  Remind myself of my weaknesses, and search for the encouragement to continue.  This wine is a reminder that we don’t know anything about wine.  It is the wine that continually teaches us.  Every year there are new trials and lessons.  Mistakes and triumphs. Wine is a reflection of our mortal lives.

The name is taken from two different women whom in their strength and independence have left behind a legacy.  Two women that pushed their limits and broke all the rules.  


Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great was natively born a German to one day become Empress of Russia.  

She transformed herself, took a new name, adapted to a new way of life, integrating herself into the language and culture of Russia.  Leaving Germany behind without thinking twice.  She fought her way to the brutal seat of the Tsars to then conquer territory and modernise Russia. Catherine's patronage of the arts and education transformed St. Petersburg into a vibrant cultural center, attracting intellectuals and artists from across Europe. She also established the first state-funded educational system for girls in Russia. Despite facing challenges and controversies throughout her reign, including a failed coup led by her own son, Catherine's reign is remembered as a golden age of Russian enlightenment, progress, and imperial expansion. Her legacy as a powerful and enlightened ruler continues to fascinate historians and admirers around the world, cementing her place as one of the most influential figures in Russian history.


Vivienne Westwood 

Vivienne Westwood stands as an iconic figure in the world of fashion, renowned for her daring creativity, rebellious spirit, and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. With a career spanning over five decades, Westwood has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry, challenging conventions and redefining notions of style. From her early days as a pioneer of punk fashion alongside Malcolm McLaren to her later exploration of historical and cultural influences, Westwood's designs have always been characterized by their boldness, irreverence, and fierce individuality. She has also been a vocal advocate for environmental sustainability and social justice, using her platform to champion causes close to her heart. Her legacy extends far beyond the realm of fashion, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their authenticity, challenge the status quo, and make their voices heard. Vivienne Westwood's impact on the world of fashion and beyond is a testament to the power of creativity, courage, and uncompromising integrity.




The dragon represents a period of transformation for me.