two stories cross paths

Marcel and Carrie's paths converged in the village of Maury, where they found themselves drawn together by their shared love of the earth.


Their individual journeys from their youthful pasts to their present partnership is a testament to the transformative power of following one's heart and embracing the unexpected twists of fate. Both set out on divergent paths, driven by their individual aspirations, only to find themselves drawn to the same destination. 


Since joining forces in 2010, their relationship has blossomed into a harmonious collaboration, each bringing their unique perspective to the vineyards they share. Together, they have nurtured these ancient vines, continuously seeking a deeper understanding of the terroir and crafting wines that reflect their distinct personalities and philosophies. Their shared passion for sustainability and organic farming practices has formed the foundation of their connection, allowing them to create a diverse and captivating range of wines that celebrate the rich tapestry of the land they call home.